“I was 20 years old, in my third year of med school and having the time of my life when I started experiencing vision loss. At first, I couldn’t see the blackboard clearly so I moved to the front of the class. Then I couldn’t read my textbooks so I used a magnifying glass.

My eyesight continued to deteriorate and then I started developing abnormal function in my dominant hand.

After several doctors visits I was given the news that I had multiple sclerosis (MS). Right then and there I made the decision to focus on my studies rather than my health problems. I was so determined to keep going and not let anything stand in the way of completing my medical degree which I did.

I have primary progressive MS which means my symptoms steadily worsen over time. So later when I was working as a doctor, I realised that I had to adapt the kind of work I was doing to accommodate my MS symptoms. I had to change my roles as my symptoms got progressively worse but I never imagined that I would need to live in an aged care facility at only 40 years old.

Although it is not entirely ideal, aged care allows me to have my basic needs taken care of so that I can maintain my independence in not having to rely on family and friends. When I catch up with loved ones it is to enjoy our time together which I value more than anything.

With support from Multiple Sclerosis Limited I am able to navigate my NDIS plan and access the support I am entitled to without having to worry about the administration of it all.

They have also connected me with other people living with multiple sclerosis through their peer to peer and MS Ambassador programs.

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